Ultron Just Bombarded Multiverse With A Massive Jaw Dropping Twist in What If…? Episode 8


What If Episode 8 reveals its major twist and it is the worst news for the entire MCU. At the same time Marvel just raised its standard for the villains with a new version of Ultron. 

What If… ? may have begun with a great series of substitute real factors – yet has abruptly changed into something out and out more epic. The latest scene has presented another villain that overcomes the Avengers as well as makes even the deadliest MCU Big Bads look like little fry by correlation.

Heavy Spoilers for What If… ? Episode 8

Imagine a scenario where… ‘s deviation on Marvel heroes sees Ultron took control over Vision’s body (an arrangement that was thwarted in the MCU during Avengers: Age of Ultron) to unleash destruction in the world. His underlying arrangement includes the effective dispatch of thousands of nukes to wreck the Earth – and that is only the start.

Ultron Defeat Thanos

The alleged Ultra-Vision additionally claims the Infinity Stones and cuts Thanos in half without avoiding a beat in one climactic scene. From that point, he annihilate everything from Asgard to Xandar, however sets his sights much higher.

At the pinnacle of his forces, Ultra-Vision detects The Watcher’s existence, and starts to pursue him over the whole multiverse. He ultimately quells Jeffrey Wright’s all-knowing being, yet not prior to eating a universe entire, Galactus-style. Any reasonable person would agree there aren’t any strings on Ultron any longer.


Basically, the MCU has never seen a miscreant on Ultra-Vision’s level. He clears out the Earth, routs Thanos, vanquishes universes, and even has the multiverse at his feet. Except if he’s halted – the scene’s consummation gets that destruction under way – then, at that point, all there’s possibilities the one-time Stark innovation could wind up damning all of the real world.