Spider-Man Fan Art Trolls The New No Way Home Trailer Glitch With John Cena!

John Cena

Fan art portrays John Cena as Spider-Man and Venom, both contending that they punched The Lizard while undetectable in the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer.

A piece of fanart have surfaced on the internet and recognized the undetectable attacker who punched The Lizard in the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer and he goes by John Cena.

Marvel and Sony as of late disclosed the second trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home and one specific shot had fans conjecturing that a Spider-Man or two might have been altered out. The shot being referred to highlighted Tom Holland’s Spider-Man swinging into fight against Electro, Sandman and The Lizard. While the second appeared to be subtle from the start, one key detail got the public attention. In the Brazilian rendition of the new trailer, the shot is broadened, and The Lizard can be seen taking a blow from an imperceptible assailant. While most watchers conjectured the missing warrior was a previous Spider-Man, new fanart presented on Instagram by Samuel Cheve sets that the culprit was John Cena, actor and WWE star celebrated in web images for his “You Can’t See Me” taunt.

The fanart portrays Cena first as Spider-Man, with the actor wearing the traditional red-and-blue color suit of Peter Parker. Spider-Cena poses with the caption “Yes, I punched The Lizard,” however is countered by “No, we punched The Lizard,” by another form of Cena clad in the symbiote-infested suit of Eddie Brock/Venom.

John Cena

Fans originally suspected some digital trickery was hatching in the Spider-Man: No Way Home promoting as Marvel is well known for this kind of acts to keep their privacy. Be that as it may, when the Brazilian trailer’s Lizard punch was distinguished, the clip quickly circulated around the web. Additionally to Cheve, the artist BossLogic reacted with a fan alter, adding an undetectable Miles Morales to the scene to clarify the puzzling blow.

To see who really punched The Lizard, watch Spider-Man: No Way Home when it swings into theaters Dec. 17.