Marvel Producer Reveals How Loki Influences Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange 2

The Doctor Strange 2 trailer had several Marvel surprises and the producer reveals how Loki influenced the multiversal madness.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness might be the second installment of Benedict Cumberbatch’s 2016 film, but on the other hand it’s much more than that. Marvel Studios’ first dramatic endeavor of 2022 is really the zenith of a few MCU Phase 4 activities to date, including WandaVision, Spider-Man: No Way Home, possibly What If…?, and Loki’s Multiversal cavorts.

Set to deliver on May 8, 2022, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hopes to follow the Multiversal chaos of Spider-Man: No Way Home; however for the people who expected big-screen MCU activities to disregard the studio’s alleged supplemental or independent series on Disney+, reconsider.

Notwithstanding Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff, straight from her WandaVision Disney+ story, going with (or irritating?) the Sorcerer Supreme, the impending film was additionally composed by Michael Waldron, who had written Loki for Disney’s web-based feature.

Indeed, as indicated by one of Doctor Strange 2’s makers, the Tom Hiddleston-drove series was an immense effect on specific parts of this impending film and filled in as a kind of Multiversal groundwork.

Doctor Strange 2

What Marvel’s Loki on Disney+ Meant for Doctor Strange 2?

In the Spring 2022 issue of Disney’s D23 Magazine acquired by The Direct, Marvel Studios producer, Richie Palmer shared what Loki’s Disney+ series meant for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, especially as far as writer Michael Waldron’s contribution.

In addition to Palmer describing Multiverse of Madness as a “shotgun blast to the senses,” the producer also teased that this film is where the Multiverse is “going to get cracked wide open:

“We are going to be treading into new territories with this. At its heart, this is really a story about Doctor Strange entering the Multiverse for the first time. Through his experiences in Spider-Man: No Way Home, fans got to learn a little bit more about the Multiverse – but this movie is really where it’s going to get cracked wide open.”

While the Multiverse has been mentioned or referenced in Marvel films for years, Loki introduced the concept of Variants, showcased the realities of multiple timelines, and then ended with the destruction of the Sacred Timeline which, essentially, freed the Multiverse.

All of this, and the explanation of the Multiverse itself, was penned by Michael Waldron. And, according to Palmer, Waldron’s subsequent involvement in Multiverse of Madness “was a blessing for us, because we got the guy who created the rules of the Multiverse for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to come in and continue that story in our movie.”

Not only was Waldron a sort of primary source for the Multiverse of Madness team, but his work on Loki helped eliminate the need for heavy Multiversal exposition in the film, saying, “We found that we didn’t need to spend a lot of time recapping the rules; we felt the audience would get a lot of that by now:”

“It was really exciting. We found that we didn’t need to spend a lot of time recapping the rules; we felt the audience would get a lot of that by now. With Michael, we could jump into telling a good story within what’s already been established.”

Richie Palmer also commented on how Loki‘s best moments involving “characters against the backdrop of those alternate timelines” also influenced Doctor Strange 2, saying, 

“Michael’s strength is the character stuff. As you saw in Loki, all the best moments involved the characters against the backdrop of those alternate timelines. It’s kind of like that in our movie, too. Michael’s script brought a lot of heart to sci-fi concepts such as the Multiverse.”

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Source: The Direct

When Doctor Strange 2 will be released?

Doctor Strange 2 is set to release in theaters on May 8, 2022.