Marvel Just Introduced An Evil Doctor Strange More Powerful Than Thanos

Evil Doctor Strange

The Sorcerer Supreme wasn’t powerful enough to defeat Thanos in the Battle of Titan but the new episode of What If…? suggesting that he could beat the mad titan as an Evil Doctor Strange. 

Thanos (Josh Brolin) beat Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) when they went head to head in Avengers: Infinity War, yet Marvel’s What If…? recommends the result might’ve been unique in case Strange was an evil version of himself. Since first experience with the MCU back in 2016’s Doctor Strange, the surgeon turned superhero has developed into one of its most powerful characters. With a variety of mysterious spells and capacities he is already strong enough to go toe to toe with MCU’s most anticipated villain. But it wasn’t sufficient to defeat the Mad Titan with the Infinity Stones and Gauntlet. And now there is a new variant of Sorcerer Supreme with enough power to beat the most iconic villain of MCU.

Evil Doctor Strange

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Marvel’s What If…? episode 4.

In What If…? episode 4, “What If… Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead Of His Hands,” the Sorcerer Supreme of Marvel Comics (and maybe the MCU, however that will be confirmed) is sent down a dull way following the passing of Dr. Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams). Strange’s inappropriate endeavors to bring Christine back don’t have the outcome he wants, yet roll out some huge improvements to his abilities. As he takes energy from the various kind of cosmic beings and learns a significant measure of ancient sorcery and knowledge, he develops a lot further than he’s always been in the main MCU timeline and became an Evil Doctor Strange . 

At the point when it comes for the real Doctor Strange of this timeline to go head to head with Doctor Strange Supreme, the “Good” version of the character couldn’t compete with his malicious self. The Evil Doctor Strange has become dramatically more powerful than ever and in the end he just couldn’t stop the darker version of himself. He turns out to be so powerful, so knowledgeable in magic, with dominance of mystic arts to the point he is controlling the universe and achieving its annihilation, that it’d hard to imagine for those who could hold him up, including Thanos. Had the Strange who consumed such a lot of energy went head to head with the Mad Titan at that point the chances are he would’ve defeated Thanos.

Doctor Strange Duels Marvel Just Introduced An Evil Doctor Strange More Powerful Than Thanos

There have been a few people who would dare to face Thanos in the MCU and even Doctor Strange himself feared well in Infinity War, because of certain spells that permit him to jumble the villain, however it’s at last not even close to enough. With Marvel’s What If…? taking him to an entire other level, however, then, at that point it recommends he would have the option to get the success. Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch nearly crushed Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. With this Dark Doctor Strange comparatively loaded with magical energy and yet less powerfull than Wanda Maximoff. It makes sense he’d have the option to beat him on the off chance that they went head to head. Thanos is unquestionably  strong, however the abilities this Evil Doctor Strange has implies he’d be almost impossible to defeat. In fact, there’d definitely be something in his bag of sorcery that would make him invincible. 

This likewise proposes a typical compromise of  defeating Thanos, suggesting that there’s consistently an extraordinary sacrifice in beating him, regardless of whether it’s losing a friend or family member like Wanda, losing a portion of your humankind like Doctor Strange does in What If…?, or losing your life like Iron Man. There might be a greater version of Sorcerer Supreme in the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

More importantly this Evil Doctor Strange could be a hint of Doctor Strange Being so off in The Spider-Man: No Way Home.