Marvel Fans Are Going Crazy Over Zombified Thanos

Thanos in Infinity War and Zombie Thanos in What If Marvel Fans Are Going Crazy Over Zombified Thanos

The most recent Marvel series to join Disney+’s program, What If… ? Has gotten predominantly outstanding reviews by the fans and critics. However, there is one specific part of the most recent scene fans are going insane for. 

During Marvel What If…? Episode Five we have experienced the darkest of all alternate realities up until now, in another universe where the Avengers have been tainted by a zombie plague, however it was anything but an Avengers part who had fans going wild, all things being equal, one of their famous enemies Thanos. 

Close to the finishing scene, we meet this zombified scalawag who has a completely gathered Infinity Gauntlet.. With a zombie using this weapon, you can envision what comes straight away. Here’s the means by which fans responded to his appearance. 

While every one of the scenes of What If…? has been contained to its own story, fans are frantically requesting that Marvel progress forward from this scene because of its questionable completion. 

Tragically it’s impossible we’ll get a sequel later this season, notwithstanding, perhaps in a future season we could get back to this timetable. 

The series actually has four additional scenes passed on to air week after week bringing additional absurdity and far-fetched circumstances from the Marvel universe to the big screen. You can stream the series solely on Disney+.