Fan Leaked a video of Emilia Clarke from the set of Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion!

Emilia Clarke

They are shooting the Secret Invasion series and Emilia Clarke’s character faces what may be an alien.

Despite the fact that Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion actually doesn’t have a time period for release, the series has the MCU being a fan nervous because of its topic alone. Based on returning stars like Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn while presenting MCU newcomers like Emilia Clarke,  the mini-series remains properly covered in secret.

Emilia Clarke

In the least complex of terms, Secret Invasion will investigate a story wherein the Skrulls have attacked Earth, meaning anyone in the MCU is at risk for having been replaced and duplicated. Nick Fury and General Talos should work together interestingly since Spider-Man: Far From Home as they attempt to uncover who these Skrulls are and what they need with Fury’s home planet.

When these Skrulls are uncovered, this will without a doubt prompt a few extreme actual fights, one of the MCU’s marks from the most recent 14 years of storytelling. While a large portion of those battles are being left hidden, another video prodded a portion of the activity that Clarke will find in her first Marvel Studios project.

Twitter user @Daenerys4lyfe shared a 23-second video from the set of Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion.

The video shows the actress Emilia Clarke shooting with somebody wearing a grey motion-capture CGI suit. . No sound is incorporated, and apparently the CGI character is stifling out Clarke as she battles for her life on the ground below.

Despite the fact that it’s positively thrilling seeing more video of Clarke on set for her first Marvel creation, there’s tiny to go off of concerning what’s really occurring.

For now, Clarke’s role stays confidential, which makes it a test to estimate on this scene as she battles another undisclosed person. Following her time driving Game of Thrones, she appears to be set to possibly take on a role that remembers some activity for the MCU, importance fans will search for proof of more battle scenes later on.

When Secret Invasion is going to release?

Secret Invasion is presently shooting and will probably deliver on Disney+ at some point in 2023.