God of War Ragnarok Trailer reveals a “Fat Thor”

thor god of war God of War Ragnarok Trailer reveals a “Fat Thor”

Thor’s outlook in God of War Ragnarok caught many peoples attention and it’s quickly winning fans over. Boy this is gonna be good and fans are welcoming this legendary character with funny tweets and memes. 

While we all are humming about PlayStation’s September showcase, Sony Santa Monica Art Director Raf Grassetti caused a bit of a discussion on Twitter when he shared the official image of Thor as he shows up in God of War: Ragnarok.

Beside a couple of scenes in Avengers: Endgame that were generally played for laughs, we commonly don’t see Thor portrayed in this manner regardless of the way that there is a considerable amount of text that totally upholds the “validity” of this design.

Endgame Hinted At Fat Thor Before The Avengers Killed Thanos The First Time God of War Ragnarok Trailer reveals a “Fat Thor”

Part of the explanation Norse folklore is so fascinating is that a large number of its legendary characters have a nearly “authentic” nature contrasted with a portion of their partners. 2018’s God of War worked really hard of exploiting that component of the legend, and Thor’s Ragnarok plan a lot of catches that equivalent soul. They figured out how to make Thor appear as though a scary fighter without depending on the standard streaming hair, etched muscles, and ” great looks”(due regard to Chris Hemsworth, obviously). It’s hard not to adore this design for basically all that it is and how it so impeccably fits all that this franchise is going for.

Indeed, as some Twitter users are now sharing their opinion, this design is plainly consistent with the couple of depictions of Thor that we got in the past God of War game.

Obviously, that carries us to the fundamental debate right now: the split between the individuals who love this outlook and the people who take a gander at it and basically see “Fat Thor” (a mark additionally applied to Chris Hemsworth’s look in Avengers: Endgame).

Here are some of the Tweets from fans are supporting this outlook of Thor in God of War Ragnarok: