Eternals Director Chloé Zhao Confirms The Identity Of A Third Secret End-Credit Scene Character


A third mystery Marvel character highlighted in the end-credits scenes for Eternals has been affirmed by the movie’s director Chloé Zhao.

Another mystery Marvel character highlighted in the end-credits scenes for Eternals has been affirmed by the movie’s director Chloé Zhao. Marvel films have a long history of utilizing mid-and present credits scenes on bother future activities, going right back to Samuel L. Jackson’s presentation as Nick Fury in 2008’s Iron Man. In light of their spoilery potential, they are regularly treated as strictly confidential mysteries by the studio, yet those for Eternals have as of now been vigorously promoted after a correspondent uncovered Harry Styles shows up as Thanos’ sibling, Eros (a.k.a. Starfox), straightforwardly following the film’s Los Angeles debut.

Eternals Starfox

Warning: MAJOR spoilers ahead for Eternals’ End-Credits Scenes

The fans and the producers, both were frightened to observe the news had gotten out ahead of schedule, yet everybody was likewise made mindful that a film about a lesser known gathering of Marvel characters actually conveyed enormous MCU suggestions, motioning to fans that Zhao’s film was not to be missed. Furthermore, as the individuals who have seen Eternals know, the person presentations don’t end with Styles’ Starfox. Going with him into the Eternals’ boat is an alcoholic Pip the Troll, voiced by Patton Oswalt, and the second credits scene prods Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman taking on his funnies pseudonym of Black Knight. Yet, similarly as he is going to take up the vile looking Ebony Blade, a voice inquires as to whether he’s certain he’s prepared, and the screen slices to dark prior to uncovering the speaker.

Saving fans the difficulty of guessing who that secret person could be, Zhao lets Fandom know that the voice has a place with Mahershala Ali, currently affirmed to join the MCU as the vampire tracker Blade. Her energy about coordinating the Daywalker in his first appearance, but short, is discernible. Zhao concedes that she doesn’t know much with regards to the forthcoming Blade solo-film, yet she’s sure enough in Ali’s ability to realize it will intrigue the fanbase:

That was the voice of one of my favorite superheroes, Mr. Blade himself. Blade, Blade, Blade, yeah! […] You just have to wait for [Blade’s solo-film]. I don’t know what they’re doing with the movie, but Mahershala is a treasure. It’s going to be epic.

The Oscar-winning Ali was first declared as half-vampire Eric Brooks way back in 2019, when Kevin Feige uncovered to a Comic-Con crowd that a Blade film was being developed. While not yet added to Marvel’s delivery schedule, the film as of now has its writer and director in Stacy Osei-Kuffour (HBO’s Watchmen) and Bassam Tariq (Mogul Mowgli), individually, with creation expected to start in Summer 2022. This Eternals end-credits scene emphatically proposes that Harington, who has been to some degree hesitant with regards to his MCU future as Black Knight, will show up in Blade – except if, obviously, the two characters spring up in another venture first.

Mahershala ali blade

Audience will have been wracking their minds attempting to perceive the immaterial Eternals end-credits voice, and to learn for sure that it’s Ali’s Blade is an astonishing turn of events. Fans have been standing by quietly to see the person on screen since the time he was reported, and keeping in mind that they still actually have to, this little short clip is whenever Marvel first has alluded to their arrangements for the Daywalker. It’s likewise an inconspicuous update that MCU characters don’t actually need to stand by, and with various movies and series currently in transit throughout the following two or three years, it’s completely conceivable that both Ali and Harington appear in supporting jobs in another person’s task.