Forget About Tom Holland And Mark Ruffalo: Angelina Jolie Is The Latest Marvel Star To Share All The Spoilers

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is sharing all the spoilers during her recent interviews. Fans have decided to make a funny compilation video about it.

SPOILER WARNING: There are HUGE spoiler reveals for Eternals in this article. See the latest Marvel movie in theaters first before reading ahead. 

Angelina Jolie

Being the star of a Marvel film is one of the most high-profile titles for an actor can be given nowadays… however, with that comes the difficult assignment of ensuring each film’s major developments while going on gigantic worldwide press visits. Marvel stars converse with an unbelievable number of journalists in front of the arrival of their enormous motion pictures, and keeping in mind that many can perform spoiler ninjutsu, there are a chosen handful who have shown to be untrustworthy with all the MCU tea. The most recent to join this selective club is EternalsAngelina Jolie, as fans have recently clocked.

Tom Holland is the most scandalous Marvel actor to spill every one of the spoilers throughout the long term. Recall when he strolled in front of an audience of an Avengers: Infinity War screening shouting “I’m alive” before the crowd got an opportunity to see Spider-Man’s passing? Classic! Oh, and the actor behind Hulk is a nearby second. Recall when Mark Ruffalo live-streamed Thor: Ragnarok at the premiere by accident? Presently, Angelina Jolie has formally joined the spoiler club. Look at this funny compilation of Jolie recent interviews:

What a flex. Angie just took the plunge in different meetings during her worldwide Eternals press visit and @joliesgem portraying her costars’ responses is totally beyond value. The main clasp sees Jolie at the Eternals Los Angeles debut weeks prior discussing a spin-off. She concedes to presumably ruining everything as Chloé Zhao makes a concerned blaze to the camera and says “you’re not supposed to say” Then, there’s one more clasp of Jolie with Salma Hayek, who looks genuinely worried as her co-star as she spills some more Eternals data before Hayek tolls in to say “and that’s what we’re going to find out.”